Day 11 Monday – the day before the op

This morning I got up with the full intention of getting the blog live before tomorrow’s op. But the list of things to do for work was a bit tedious to say the least. Why is it every time you’re “off” from work – whether a holiday or an op, you need to do the same amount of work for the time off in the one day before you head and probably the same again when you get back? Best make the most of the time off then!

But we did manage to go live (as many of you know already). The response has been quite overwhelming to be honest. Gotta say, I love you all – you’re all mad, but love you all the same!

This last week I asked myself quite often whether the blog was a good idea or not as some people might not get my humour. Then I realised, sure you all know me and understand my ways and means of getting something done or getting through something too. The words of encouragement and support have been fantastic. Thanks so much.

So back to today. I had a list to sort in town:

  • Food for the house (always top of our list)
  • Comfies for the house (as all mine are years old and if anyone visits I’d be morto)
  • Diesel in the car and get a valet (latter don’t know why but today seemed like a good excuse)
  • Then all sorted.. I think. Oh yeah, receptacle for my urine sample.. Very important.

But first-things-first. Hair removal or as Anna and myself call it, “time to de-bush” (you may not need to know that but how and ever). My body care has one rule and one rule only. If you get knocked down tomorrow and are in A&E, your underwear better be smashing and the legs/armpits/bikini line gorgeously smooth! So job done.

Next on list, food – sorted just check out the fridge – yes we like to eat!


Diesel? Check. Park in Drury Street car park – valet? Check – like a new car. Retail therapy? Major check. Met Mum and blitzed M&S (food) and Superdry (comfies).

Comfies only became an issue when my fab Mum arrived to the restaurant yesterday with a sexy negligée number for me (in my favourite colour for such items!!). Her intentions were right – with bandages on breast and arm pit, I’d need something easy to take on or off, but I had to laugh as all I could think is how cold the living room is unless I light a massive fire. So, it’s off to Superdry we go. Although Anna did like the negligée so maybe for another day!!

Vases? Yes vases as flowers are flying in.. not so check. Phonecall from Mum to Dad? Vases sorted all the way in from my parents’ house. Funny I was only moaning to Anna a few months back that we no longer buy flowers for the house (as we’re never there) and let’s put it this way, the flower sellers on Grafton Street not only know me by name, but know everything about me for the last 20 years. So I’ve been loving the scent on opening the front door to the house this last week. It makes me smile each time.

Delicious coffee and chocolates on the terrace of Butler’s with Mum in the sunshine? Check too.

Back to house and I went on a kind of binge sorting escapade. Things that I’ve just put on the long finger for quite some time (as never here), I thought, Jesus better sort now as I’m meant to take it easy over the coming days and I won’t be able to sit and look at these things.

So, weeds were pulled in the garden, bulbs changed in the ceiling; boxes moved to the “back room” (which is now a warehouse for restaurant). Ferried my Mum off with a broken light from the hall that has been that way for over a year. Logs, briquettes and the rest up beside the fire. I can feel a major filing spree happening this week as I look at all the paperwork piled high on our kitchen table. It won’t last long – the paperwork that is! My cabin fever will probably kick-in quite quick!

I’ve had quite a few fun messages from one or two today – you know who you are – about the drugs tomorrow. I hope they’re strong. For my sinus op last year I was begging them to let me sleep as they woke me to check if I was compos mentis. All I kept thinking is this is the nicest, deepest sleep I’ve had in ages. If I were to find something positive and something to look forward to tomorrow, it’ll be that sensation – just let me sleep.

Will sign-off as one other thing left on my list to sort – AppleTV in the living room – now that we are Netflix junkies…

Next time we’ll be on the other side and hopefully this little fecker will be out! Big kiss to you all and thanks so much again for today. You’re all fab!


10 thoughts on “Day 11 Monday – the day before the op

    1. vmurphydearbreast Post author

      Thanks Betty – are you impressed? I’ve worked out how to reposnd to the comments – even posted a photo today – thanks for your all your help setting up the blog!! I may drive everyone crazy, but at least we have you to blame!!


  1. Ana Casas

    I want to listen you growling like a lion Grrrrrrrrr…you can with that and much more!! I love you so much, see you in a bit 😉 ❤



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